Can't see spawned retired machine under it's IP

First of all I’m a n00b that recently bought VIP in order to learn on retired machines, follow walkthroughs and generally learn more into topic of compromising different systems/program, what is happening underneet etc.

My problem is that I can’t see retired machine that I spawned, under it’s IP.
I started Lame retired machine, it show IP
nmap scan says it is offline or blocking
However network scan nmap -sn
shows 11 other retired machines that are online now (their IP match from Retired tab)
On IP’s, .37(Blocky), .97(SecNotes) and 8 others, 11 in total but I can’t see machine that I spawned under .3 IP.
I tried different VIP VPN for Labs(one that I’m now and can see 11 machines) and Endgames(network scan show 0 online machines).

What I’m missing here ?

After you press “Start” on a machine wait a little until it fully loads all the services.Ping the machine until it responds back and try to do nmap with -Pn.The first days of my VIP I had the same problem with nmap saying its not responding to pings,but after a couple of days it worked normally.

Thanks ShreKy -Pn did the trick.

@dkN00b glad I helped you