Accessing machines


After successfully connecting to and completing a few of Labs > Starting Point machines, I have

  • upgraded to VIP+
  • started the retired “Lame” machine (first machine in “Beginner Track”)

It gives me a machine IP of

I have then connected to the HTB VPN but cannot seem to then connect to / scan / ping the Lame machine.

nmap -sS -A
Host seems down

I have tried whilst using the VPN connection pack from “Starting Point Access Details” and also “HTB Lab Access Details”.

On the ‘access’ webpage, both of these are ticked as ‘connected’ with IPs and respectively.

Within the ‘info card’ of the Lame machine, it reports an IP of - I can’t scan/ping that either, but presuming that’s it’s old IP when it was active?

Within the “status check” of the Lame machine, it seems to include every Lav, with a (i) symbol alongside, but nothing is marked as specifically active or not active.

I’m guessing there’s some mismatch of VPN connection and the location of the Lame machine I’ve spun up, but not sure where to start.

Apologies if this is documented somewhere; I’m sure it is, I’m just not sure what I’m looking for to resolve it!


Ok, so just regenerated my connection pack and seems to be working now.

A little necro here…but since this post is still at the top of the search I’ll add that you have to wait a few moments for the machine to finish start-up on the other end.

for anyone else finding this issue.