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Hello Guys I need your help in this scanning results, actually i performed one scan using nmap command nmap --script vuln IP_address and i got broadcast-avahi-dos. it is disclosed one discovered ip address. but i could not understand which steps i follow for attacking. can anyone please guide me.

whatever module or box you are doing you will never be asked to perform a DoS attack

the result for DoS and DDoS attacks are there because according to nmap they might be an attack vector but if you are doing a box or a academy module you can just ignore that

even if you manged to perform a DoS attack on the box it wouldn’t get you anywhere

That is my private work which i am practicing myself I just need your suggestion what i can do on this. is there any way to exploit it please let me know.

from what i can see in the image nmap says that the hosts are live but not vulnerable to the attack

Yes, you mean to say nmap already said that it is not vulnerable.

based only on what i can see, yes

mind that nmap scans for known vulnerabilities with scripts that might miss some things so i always recommend some manual enumeration of some sort

Sure Bro I am trying to cover as much as I know thanks for help

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