BabyEncryption: help to submit the flag

Hi all,

I am a noob but I think I have solved the BabyEncryption challenge. The decrypted message has sense for me. However, when I submit the flag I get an error.

I have tried adding to the message HTB{}. Also without surronding it. Also cutting some parts, but nothing works. What I am doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

After decryption the message contains the flag, the flag is a part of the message. A part of the plain text message has exactly the format “HTB{a_funny_text}”.

You can copy and past this part of the decrypted message without adding to the web server. The flag must be submitted in the form “HTB{a_funny_text}” with the HTB part.

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Ok, thanks for the reply @xtal.
So, I think my decrypted message is not correct. I missed something.
I will try again.

Thank you very much

Thanks to your advises @xtal I solved the challenge.
Thank you very much.


I also need some help i don’t know from where to start i can’t run the python script . If anyone can guide me Ty

Trying to run the Python script is a good starting point. Reading and understanding the script is another part of the challenge.

Can you explain this a bit more. Where is the obstacle? An error message?