AM not receiving the points of a machine i did?

So I have a small number of machines done 4 to be exact, the first 3 i did a while a go I had no problem with them and i got my points and everything was good, today i just finished a new machine, usr+root flags done. and for some reason i didn’t receive the points even though in the activty tab of my profile it says i received the point .

also here it says i have 4 machines
but in the graph thing it only says I have 3 ? so it’s pretty weird

machine am having trouble with:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that’s because it’s a seasonal machine. I’ve done one seasonal, an active one, and I did not get any real point, only to the scoreboard

I think HackTheBox updates leaderboard every 24 hours… maybe I’m wrong…

not sure if update each 24 hours …yeaterday was pretty much fast up and down me from 100 to 170 to 125 … since rooted seems i was freezed…if i ranked up whit user falg … i dont know why i dont ranked up whit root … seems i ranked down no idea

p.s if u do "expired " season box u get less point …so is pretty normal that u dont rank up or down