Active Subdomain Enumeration

Hi all I’m stuck again, but Now, on literally the next question which is:
What is the FQDN of the IP address

Someone, please help! No spoilers plz.

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You need found out the “Pointer”. Its all that will say.

Wait what do you mean? There is no pointer given if there’s one that is hidden how do you find it? is there a command I can execute?

Hi 0xh4rtz, thankyou for the clue, but could you give a bit more
of a hint without spoiling. I’ve been completely overthinking this
entire section and my brain is about to go into meltdown, ta.

Sorted now, caffeine fix :slight_smile:

Hi I was just checking in if someone got any clue that might have worked for them. I have been stuck in this question for days now it will be a great help if someone can share some clues.

The same way you used to solve the question about the TXT records you have to use in order to find the pointer record.

Did you get past this question? I am stuck on it as well. i’ve added the IP to my /etc/hots, then I’ve tried running all the commands from the course work and get nothing but errors. I

Could you explain this further? I have ran the same commands and get no response. Also does the ip need to be added to /etc/hosts? As rn i can not get a response from the server when i try to ping the ip