Footprinting module DNS enumeration - enumerate FQDN based on ip address & FQDN of the host where the last octet ends with "x.x.x.203"?

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pertaining to this question “Interact with the target DNS using its IP address and enumerate the FQDN of it for the “inlanefreight.htb” domain” I have been stuck on it for about a week! My understanding is that an FQDN consists of (minus the square brackets):


I tried:

dig with various flag options eg ns, ptr, any, -x +short

dnsenum tool however this failed because of this error NS record query failed: NXDOMAIN

Further steps I tried were:
#added the domain name and ip address to the /etc/hosts inlanefreight.htb
#added the ip address as a nameserver in the /etc/resolv.conf file

Repeated the above commands to no avail. Also tried commenting out the above configuration settings. I just don’t understand how I can get an FQDN from an ip address! please explain to me if I have misunderstood the question and any hints would be appreciated.

Pertaining to "What is the FQDN of the host where the last octet ends with “x.x.x.203"”? I have read the other forum posts on this. I have gone through most of the scripts in the directory /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/DNS and have not found the host with the ip address x.x.x.203. Any hints would be appreciated.

Note I have answered successfully the questions about zone transfers. The below tutorial was very helpful:

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