Hack The Box Academy - FOOTPRINTING - DNS enumeration

Hello together,

right now I’m stuck at in the FOOTPRINTING module of Hack The Box Academy in the DNS enumeration section.

I’m stuck at the following question:
“What is the FQDN of the host where the last octet ends with “x.x.x.203”?”

I already used all the big subdomain lists from the SecLists directory to enumerate the subdomains but i did not find the ip address which ends with .203. I use dnsenum for the DNS enumeration.
Can someone please give me some hints or point me to correct wordlist which can be used to find the correct ip?

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You need to systematically DIG or transfer EVERY subdomain you find, and pay attention to which DNS server you’re querying when you do it.

There are various security settings on a DNS server. Among other things, you can specify whether a zone transfer should be allowed for all servers or only for certain servers (allow-transfer).

If a zone transfer is allowed, you can transfer the zone with “dig axfr”. If the zone transfer is not allowed, you have to bruteforce the zone.

Hint: Start with the smallest list.

Hello. I’m still a newbie at this. However, I tried what you suggested in your answer. I used dig and identified the subdomains which allowed zone transfer. I enumerated the subdomains that don’t allow zone transfer. And yet, I am still lost and couldn’t figure out the solution to this question. Any more hints would be helpful since I feel frustrated and lost and spent too much time on this problem. thanks

What exactly did you try and where exactly are you stuck?

I finally got it. Thank YOU!

Thanks for the hint of the smallest list. I enumerated zones properly and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. For others reading this, he means start with the smallest list in SecLists/Discovery/DNS/ first, not subdomains-top1million-5000.txt which is what I initially assumed.

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I am still having issues with this.

I wonder if somebody can give me another clue

Try to use dnsenum with any subdomain that you found on your first subdomain enumeration.


I found it with your help!


on which subdomain

Which of the subdomains are zones? Each zone has one SOA entry

It probably will take forever if you’re using the /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/DNS/subdomains-top1million-110000.txt. Consider using wordlists that are using common names. If the wordlist is sorted alphabetically, the hit will be near the bottom…not a big fan of how long to wait on some of these assessments.