Active Infrastructure Identification - Information Gathering Web Edition

Hi. I’ve been stuck in this question ‘Which CMS is used on app.inlanefreight.local? (Format: word)’
I couldnt find what is the CMS used.

All that I could find is below

Can someone give me a hint how to find the CMS?

I’m having kind of another problem with this. I typed this command “whatweb -a 4 HTTP://app.inlanefreight.local -v”.

I did get the CMS but it’s wrong hahaha. I have no idea what to do here

Ok, I found it out. just add a “!” at the end of the CMS name.

and what should I do if he doesn’t give me any information at all?

How did you do it I don’t even know?

I did it!!!

It was necessary to register these virtual servers in the hosts file, both, binding them to the IP address of the target machine.


and after that, you can safely make Identification



Hey… how did you find it out to be Joomla! … i’m stuck here

still haven’t gotten it yet. stock on this. did you use the ip address from the assessment or your vpn ip or your local ip?

Hi, as far as I remember, I used my IP VPN address.

It says what the CMS is in your screenshot just above where it states it is an open source CMS written in PHP.

if i use -a 4 it never find anything. But when i use 1 and 3 if finds a few info.
i tryed make a nano file and putting the IP and app/dev.inlanefreight.local and use it with -i flag but still nothing.

Any idea?

How do you do that?

How did I add this data to the hosts file?
echo ' app.inlanefreight.locl' >> /etc/hosts
Or is the question more tricky?

It is not necessary just use this syntax

nslookup -type=xxx -query=AXFR domain IP