Accessing HTB ssh from local machine

Hello Guys me again…

So I am currently on taking the Linux Information Course page 6 “System Information”.

So I ran into a problem…

The question is to connect to the SSH from command line which I already am familiar with.

Apparently I consumed all my Interactive Instance, the Pwnbox thingy, I am on free course.

So I decided to access the generated ssh from my termux instead.
And got this error from termux:

Seems like the server isn’t accepting any connection aside from the Pwnbox. However, the VPN files seem to solve something or maybe I am wrong.

What should I do?

Were you able to connect to the Academy’s VPN via your termux instance? If you are just trying to ssh to that IP from your termux instance without having connected via openvpn then you are going to get errors each time.

Honestly, if you like HTB’s content, then pay for a subscription and get unlimited access to the pwnbox. If you have a student email address then its only 8 dollars USD a month.

Yes thank you for responding.

I have already connected to the VPN using OpenVPN and managed to connect to the ssh via termux.

Regarding about the buying subscription. I currently don’t have student’s email address and even if I do, 8 dollars cost 453 pesos here in Philippines which is still a heavy expense for our wallets even if it is just monthly since I am still currently enrolled in college.
However, I am still willing to purchase subscriptions when I save enough money since it will remove restrictions.

Aside my mumblings, I appreciate your time sir. Thank you very much for responding.