Writehat documenting

Anyone have experience working with GitHub - blacklanternsecurity/writehat: A pentest reporting tool written in Python. Free yourself from Microsoft Word. ??? I can’t figure out how to get a Finding Group. Nothing shows up when I type into drop down shown in image.

If you’re a first time user, do the following:

  1. Create customer information.
  2. Create page template.
  3. Create report template. Select page template to be used.
  4. Create engagement object.
  5. Click on engagement object. This is where you can select report template to be used.
  6. You will see Findings below Report. Click on New Finding Group.

There are other steps involved but these should help to get anyone else started.

You using pwnbox or your own vm? I didn’t manage to install it on my ubuntu box. Installation gets stuck at some “mongo_1” step. Have anyone actually installed it recently?