I’m staring at the flag but cannot input it since I don’t know what specific characters I’m looking at. I’ve been through the character map a couple of times now. Should I be able to type this flag out with nothing more than the characters present in the standard ASCII code table?


HTB{flag here!}


I can see the flag. I just don’t know what the characters are. Nothing I enter seems to get accepted.

I used most tools provided by google like suite piscel and openstego, yet hard to decipher. Any ideas?

Yes. You are looking too deeply…

Means I am looking too much ? Or the answer was right in front which I just skipped ?

Got the answers. Thanks fellas :smiley:


I’ve also just got the flag; I can clearly see it but when entering HTB{funky text here} it rejects it. Unless I am doing something stupid again… >__<

You are 99% there. That is the flag. Be a ‘l33T’


I got it at the end, thanks.

I think I have found something related with the flag. Some text with V3… But I don’t know what is the flag? Am I on the correct path?

nope, maybe you are looking to deeply. The flag is HTB{something}

“In the darkest places, lurk the secrets.”

I have found the flag. Thanks! However I am not able to “translate it”. I have tried words that make sense and that don’t make sense, with the words that appear on the flag. :frowning:

if you have the flag, you don’t need to translate it. read my previous post, or send me a PM

okay so stego suff is new to me, but would like to know more.

what am i looking at here? does this need decoding or reversing with some tool? surely its not as simple as staring at the image until some txt pops out at me :|?

I’m thinking due to the name and some of the comments above, that the black border is where my attentions should be? but that’s really all i’ve got

Is this challenge a joke ?

Way easier than it seems. Keep the file type in mind and search online.

hello all, i found the flag i put it in the HTB{C****} but it’s incorrect ! do i have to do somting else ?

I got it ^^