Why is there no feature to reset my progress on HTB Academy modules and what can I do about it?

So a few months ago I was doing TryHackMe and HTB Academy simultaneously. For a while I got caught up in TryHackMe’s web fundamentals path while doing Linux Fundamentals path on HTB Academy. I got near the end of the Linux Fundamentals pathway, and incidentally took a temporary break from HTB Academy due to the fact that I was spreading myself thin by doing all this and programming at the same time. Now, I realize that TryHackMe isn’t as good as a platform as HTB, including HTB Academy, but I have forgotten a lot of the Linux that I learned earlier in the HTB Academy Linux Fundamentals module. I also can’t repeat the whole module, which I have nearly completed, but I have two or three sections left.

I know I could possibly just take a Linux+ course or something, but I really want to be learning via Hack the Box Academy and not just some separate Linux training because I feel I learn more by doing hands on trainings than by doing all of this other stuff.

Could someone help me out with this? I just want to reset the Linux module so I can put time in every day into HTB training from scratch and not intermittently do HTB Academy so I don’t forget the information as easily. If someone could help me out with solving this, I would be thrilled.

Thank you.