Why is Carrier Machine still on the Active list?

Last I checked machine to be retired is usually at the top of the list on Active machines. For 2 weeks now Carrier machine as been skipped and the machine below has been replaced instead. Some of us really want to see what other approach was taken by members to get user and root and learn a bit from there. Why has the flow been changed.

it’s out of topic but Carrier is my favourite machine

It is for some. I’m just wondering if the normal flow for moving an active machine to retired as changed. That’s the whole point of creating this thread. I expect the Mods to say something about this.

I just did carrier and its one hell of a machine, learnt a lot from it so I’m glad they kept it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ypuffy, Active were great machines as well and I learnt a lot from them so did a lot of members here. This didn’t change the fact that they were all retired. So why is Carrier any different?

only admins can answer, maybe they have retired the wrong one or they retired one of the same level.

I did notice a mistake last 2 weeks I think when netmon was suppose to become active. It was changed at the last minute.