Why has my rank reset?

I came back to hackthebox recently after a few months and I found that all the logins have been merged together (yay).
But when i went to my profile overview Hack The Box I found that although it still says the user flags and root flags completed, my rank, which was about 90% to hacker has been reset and now says 0% to hacker!
Is this a glitch or something I should contact support about?

Thank you!

All the Challenges and Boxes you did to get those points have probably been retired now, and so you lost those points.

Ohh, I didn’t realise that once a box is retired i lose the points for it. :frowning:
Thank you.

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It might be a glitch worth reporting to customer support. It could be related to ranking updates or other aspects of your account. It’s best to reach out to them to have it checked and resolved.