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Hi all, I am very new to this site and hacking in general. My question is - what am I looking to do when hacking one of the machines? I don’t mean which tools should I use (that’s for me to learn!!) but what am I actually meant to achieve? Is there a challenge for each machine or am I meant to do the same thing on each one e.g. gain root access?

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There isn’t a simple answer to this. Most of the time you are trying to gain root access, but not always. It might be better to say, on HTB, you are trying to get the root flag.

Some boxes you will go through lots of steps - such as getting into a web portal, using that to get a shell on the box as a user, then finding a way to escalate your privileges to root.

On other boxes you will need to do things like finding an executable which runs as root and dumps the content of the root flag for you. This gets you the flag but you are not a privileged user on the device.

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