What is your operating system to solve CTFs?

Hello, I’m a beginner solving CTFs and I’m a Linux user since 2015. I use windows just to play sometimes. I’m really frustrated because a lot of programs that people use to solve CTFs doesn’t work properly in kali Linux, for example, and probably in other distributions either. I’m talking about dnspy, ollydbg, ghidra and etc. I know that will have people that can use these programs without problems, however others not. For example, I did install ollydbg in kali linux via apt install ollydbg and when I tried to solve Bypass challenge I had a lot of problems with dlls missing. This problem specific is not the question, the question is that this in general make me lose a lot of time, so I went to windows and solve the ctf easily because on windows ollydbg works very well(and other programs too). So this make me think if you guys use more windows than kali linus(and others) to solve CTFs.

In my case its 80% Kali and about 20% windows.

I only use Windows but I also only attack Windows machines, so bear that in mind.

I know most people here prefer using Linux, but I haven’t seen anyone actually give any specific reasons for that or explain what advantage it gives them (when it comes to attacking windows machines anyway).

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely some advantages to using Linux for certain types of attacks in the real world, but so far in my time on HTB I haven’t encountered any Windows boxes here where there was any advantage to doing it from Linux. If anything it often seems to make it harder for people (going by what I’ve seen in comments and messages).

For some people though, that’s what they want. They want to force themselves to get more comfortable with Linux and figure out how to do everything from there even if it would have been quicker/easier from Windows. Each to their own :slight_smile:

I don’t choose OS. I choose the path of least resistance to the tool for the problem. For everything else, there’s VMware Player or VirtualBox.

Operating systems do not matter .
You can use any OS ,you need, provided you have the tools .
People use Kali just because it has some tools pre installed and makes life easier

Actually OS does matter, if you are a beginner , tryusing Kali as it has some built it tools, so that you know some available tools and taking in account that you have used windows before using linux for normal purposes, but it doesn’t end there , when you master some basic skills in linux , solve linux HTB boxes with linux and Windows HTB Boxes with windows (like @VbScrub), i am ■■■■ sure you will learn a lot about the working of both linux and windows

For me, most used OS is Kali Linux (Ghidra does work there).
For tools such as DNSpy, use a Windows 10 VM modified into CommandoVM, that will save a lot of headache for Windows tools :slight_smile:

Build up a minimal debian VM then install the tools as you need them. It’ll help you learn them.

I use Kali Linux in VirtualBox on Windows host. If I there’s some tool that works better on Windows I just use host machine

Mainly linux, but i’m building a windows machine and some tools from commando vm.
commando vm is on windows what kali is on debian