What is wrong with this forum?

Recently this forum got an update and now I can’t message anyone directly. Also, some of the latest comments on threads have disappeared and my account also disappeared and I had to setup an account again and all my DMs are gone… seriously, nobody from staff sees it?

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IMO they do not want to see it.
Discord server has got much worse after an update.
Reported it by staff multiple times already (with evidence). Each time the response is that they will “look into it” or “take care of it”, of course with no effects.

These are the dark times for HTB.

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I’m not sure about comments on threads disappearing and needing to setup a new account. I know I did need to recreate a password after the update. My theory on being unable to DM users is because of Discourse Trust Levels. New users are restricted from multiple things including DMing other users. That restriction is removed on reaching Basic. Fortunately, getting to that level isn’t very difficult. You can find the details here → Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

Not sure that it’s directly related to this post but I’d be interested in hearing your feedback on the Discord. If you can’t DM me here, feel free to contact me on the Discord itself.

I experience something about that. When you log in in new version your privileges are limited. Once you log activity by reading, reply etc you gain that privilege. I experienced that a few days ago. I think, in your invox there is a bot message explain that.

yeah, I lost recent DMs and can’t just create a message to people either, it’s super annoying

The issues with messaging was a result of the recent upgrade we have performed in which a “trust levels” system was added, We have since removed the restrictions on direct messaging.
The migration of the forum software is also what caused the loss of account and DM’s. we apologize for this.


Could you please reach out to me on discord(Emma#6775) or email(emma@hackthebox.eu) and ill try to have your concerns resolved? :slight_smile:

Please bring back the old forum. I can’t even log in normally. Had to resort to log in via link. The new forum interface may look “modern” but in terms of usability, the old forum was so much better. Who care about looks? Case in point - sure Bing looks good but everyone uses Google - one search field and two buttons.


I agree! The new forum is too colourful and has too many elements which constantly distract me from people’s post

Regarding the login issues, on my first first login to the new forum, I needed to reset my password. I haven’t had any issues since then.

We’re always open to feedback on the design - any specific elements you wish to see changed?

Is there anyone that actually enjoys Discourse forum software over the classic style IPB/PHPBB style? In every single case I have seen forums that switched to the software from the more traditional style die. I have no idea how this is considered an “improvement”.