Web Requests Module

I am working on the Web Requests module in HTB Academy and am getting stumped pretty early on. On the 3rd page, HTTP Requests and Responses, there is a question at the bottom, “What is the HTTP method used while intercepting the request? (case-sensitive).” From what I can tell online, to figure this out I am supposed to go to BurpSuite. But how do I know to do this? This is my first module and so far it has never mentioned BurpSuite. I am brand new to this so I guess my question is two-fold:

  1. Did I miss something? How am I supposed to know to go to Burp Suite?
  2. Are we just supposed to know that? In which case, as a very beginner, are there some easier modules that might teach me more about this stuff before Web Requests?


There is no need to do this using Burp Suite. you can use cURL only to get all the needed information to answer the questions. even by opening the site using the IP they are given for example “” it will tell you in the page that you should do it in cURL.

Usually as a rule, use the tool given in each lesson/module if Burp-suite is not mentioned then most likely is not needed to complete the task. and use the tools & methods mentioned.

it should be very straight forward from here. but if you need help let me know.
good luck.

I know this is a bit old, but this may help someone else who stumbled here.

The question is asking you to uncover a get request made BY THE PAGE, which would happen by some js running and making a secondary request or something after the page has loaded. However I found that the dev who set this up tried to use a non-existent function window.onload instead of document.onload and thus created a typescript error preventing the page’s secondary request to be processed for you to discover your flag. If you look around the console enough you will find the flag url and will be able to retrieve it for yourself.

I am also on the same module, buts its difficult for me how to start! Everytime I search “bash” to launch the terminal as I am not finding it on the desktop! After finding the terminal 2nd tough thing is to write the command as the reading dones not tell waht commnad to do! The reading is about ```
curl inlanefreight.com -v but there is a target like, no other clue!! So how a newbies will know what is the command! This is absurd and the server is too slow to work!