Want to join a CTF team who likes winning?

Our team is recruiting experienced and active CTF players!

  • Regular CTFs every weekend!

  • Our players play from morning to night, solving challenges.

  • Play and learn with professionals.

  • Combined resources and tools to learn together!

  • International team - with players from every continent.

Who are we looking for?
People who have some experience in playing CTFs and can give their time and energy to this team!

We believe in quick and continuous learning to master this field! Our goal is to become one of the best international CTF teams. If you have similar goals, then message me on discord:

discord username: zeptoide

Hello, can’t find you in Discord server (no user search there). How experienced should a member be? I am relatively new, what skills are expected?

would love to join, i used to do ctf back then, then i switched to academy for a while.

would love to get back to some ctf, i am not that good tho.

i am better with windows system than linux system so if your team is lacking some windows experienced guy, i’d gladly join