Visualization of R-Workflow through Flowchart in Alteryx-Way

I’m wondering if there are any packages for R which help to visualize workflows/code in a way Alteryx does. I find the visualization of the workflows within Alteryx quite helpful, but manually dragging an dropping the tools onto the canvas and set the parameters just takes so much longer than just writing the code in R. Also some functionally within Alteryx is not yet sufficient and has to be implemented via the R/Python-Tool anyway.

During my search I found this post which goes into the same direction, but the suggested packages don’t really match what I am looking for.

There exists Graph Visualization:

Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph drawing has many important applications in software engineering, database and web design, networking, and in visual interfaces for many other domains.

And the Rgraphviz package:

Interfaces R with the AT and T graphviz library for plotting R graph objects from the graph package.
Rgraphviz now comes bundles with Graphviz.


  • You need all of your files to be in the same directory.
  • All files must be the same type (e.g. csv, xlsx, yxdb)
  • All files must have the same schema. (The same field names must be in the same order and have the same data types.).Alteryx knime tool can be used

How to do it:

  1. Configure an Input Data tool to bring in one of the files in your directory.
  2. In the connection string, replace the filename (or a portion of the filename) with an asterisk (*****). The asterisk is a wildcard that essentially takes the place of anything.