Vaccine: ftp error 425

In the Enumeration phase, I try to ftp to the server. It succeeds but I get error while doing directory listing. I can confirm the vpn connection is proper, I have downloaded thepack newly and stopped/started multiple times. Can anyone help here?

230 Login successful.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
425 Failed to establish connection.

Hi Kartym,

a FTP session uses 2 TCP connection:
1st → FTP commands and replies
2nd → Data

I suggest to check if your firewall is blocking the data connection.

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Hi, @kartym

you need to turn on the passive mode by typing just passive. Then you have to type dir. Hope it will work.

I just wanted to say thank you @soumyadeep112 , After wracking my brains trying to figure out why i was having the same issue for the past few attempts.

Applying the passive switch fixed the issue.

I felt i kinda “cheated” myself by getting the via a Filezilla client but it was irritating me that i couldn’t get the ftp cmdline to work correctly.

Type your comment> @soumyadeep112 said:

Hi, @kartym

you need to turn on the passive mode by typing just passive. Then you have to type dir. Hope it will work.

This worked perfectly well. Thank you @soumyadeep112 and @gproot

HI all of you,

passive mode works for me to execute the dir command. Unfortunately I get a Permission denied error when trying to get (passive and active mode)

ftp> get
local: remote:
local: Permission denied

I allow ftp via ufw like so:

sudo ufw allow ftp

And I added a rule to open port 20 for the specific ip:

sudo ufw allow from proto tcp to any port 20

Do I get this Permission denied because of my own configuration?

EDIT: Oh my bad, I figured it out myself. I was inside my root dir, after changing to my workspace I could get normally.

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well i have the same problem, but the thing is i’m using windows and the passive command doesn’t exist, so i have no idea what to do

It may indicate that the server does not immediately have the resources available to open a data connection. In this case, the client is encouraged to restart the FTP transaction and try again.

Rachel Gomez

Thanks it was that problem for me !

this fixed it for me

please tell me what to do