Vaccine Box SQLMAP Outdated


I’ve spent hours trying to fix this issue by myself I am stuck on running the final commands with this machine and no matter which type of update I’ve used for SQL map it will not update.

Any tips on how to fix this? The tool wont accept the cookie and I am forever stuck on SQLMAP OUTDATED error message.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

My advice would be to uninstall sqlmap and download the latest version from GitHub

git clone --depth 1 GitHub - sqlmapproject/sqlmap: Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool sqlmap-dev

Hey bud,
Probably too late but added few more steps from the above post.

for whatever reason it seems like the sqlmap version just won’t do what I want it to with the code from the walkthrough the following is the remediation:

Installed git on my parrot box

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git

Cloned sqlmap repository

git clone --depth 1 ~/sqlmap

need to be in the ~/sqlmap directory so we go there then run it via python

cd ~/sqlmap
python -h

then to run the command that I was having trouble run before write it out as the following (still in the ~/sqlmap dir)

python --url="" --cookie="PHPSESSID=r004vj6njfrl4dd8auvrhk7cjm" --os-shell