sporadic connectivity when run Vaccine box

I’m working on the Vaccine box, whenever I run sqlmap with --os-shell, I lose connection to and I cannot even brows to the home page. After waiting for a couple of hours, the connection will be back, but if I run --os-shell again, the problem will happen again. Anyone had similar problem?

Yeap! Same problem here. 2020/05/21.
But I was not able to connect HTTP port 80 even before running SQLMap --os-shell command. This Vaccine machine’s connectivity sucks, really. I found another forum’s threads were people is complaining about it too.
I don’t know if this connectivity problem is directly linked to SQLMap command, but it is possible as well. HTB support should give a look on it.

same here. sqlmap succeeded the first times, but later while reproducing the steps for documentation II was unable to and got the same issues.