Unable to run Impacket

Hey guys,

I’m trying to run the MS SQL client from Impacket but I’m getting the error => “line 24 in module from impacket.examples import logger; ImportError: cannot import name logger”

Impacket is installed in the system by cloning the repo and running “pip install .” I’m running Kali x64 on Mac through VirtualBox.

Usually the algorithm to solve such problems is:

  1. Google ImportError: cannot import name blabla
  2. You’ll find a post, usually on stackoverflow, that says smth like "Try run pip install pyblabla-smth" or apt install libblabla-dev
  3. Run pip install pyblabla-smth or apt install libblabla-dev (sometimes (!) it is worth trying devel instead of dev or try to remove lib or try apt install libblabla*)
  4. Run impacket again. Go to the p.1 if there are errors left.

Or, sometimes, libraries have file requirements.txt in repo, so you might need to run pip install -r requirements.txt before

Thanks, I already went through everything that you mentioned but still working on a solution. The missing dependency should be a part of what I installed.

You can try also to remove utils packet. See ImportError: cannot import name 'Logger' environment versions issue? · Issue #2 · diegoalejogm/gans · GitHub