Unable to maintain connection after exploit

So im currently working on Buff. My first box. And I’ve finally managed to get access to the box but im unable to stay connected. I can only stay on for a minute before having to kill my openvpn connection, reconnect, then running the exploit all over again. As you can imagine, its very hard for me to enumerate the box this way.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I’m running kali on a raspberry pi 4.

If its a problem with the OpenVPN connection then it might be worth raising a support ticket with HTB.

If it only happens after you try to exploit Buff, then something you are doing is wrong and it is killing your networking stack.

I think it is quite uncommon to run kali on non-x86 system. Try running it on PC (even from pendrive) and check if it happens too. That way you will know if it’s some problem with exploitation or with underlying soft-/hardware.

I would love to use a pc but both of my labtops happened to be the target of giant glass of spilled kool aid. They didn’t make it. :frowning:

Now all I’m left with is the raspberry pi until I figure something out.

HI… Is the desktop on a similar network as your Kali machine? In the event that indeed, did you end the meeting with your virtual machine and restart the audience? To keep away from this sort set exitonsession bogus when setting up the audience.

Is an Antivirus on the work area obstructing the Trojan?

For it to work outside your organization, like your companions PCs, your Lhost while making the payload will be your public IP address,not your nearby IP. Your audience will in any case be your neighborhood, and you should have your Lport port sent in your switch.