UK based team?

Hello HTB-ers,

I am looking to join or form an ideally UK based team to collaborate on the HTB boxes, potentially other CTFs and to ultimately git gud or at the very least get better.

Bonus points:

You’re 30+
Drink whiskey
Complain alot
Remember sub7 fondly
Play CS:GO
Have a few years experience in Computing behind you.

Looking for it to be more social than serious, there are many brilliant people on this site and clearly some superstar teams, I just want to collaborate and improve with cool people. :slight_smile:

inb4 " you’ve got 201 points".


I’d be interested, in case :slight_smile:

Yo - dude, I’d be interested…

Cool, invited - anyone else in UK fancy signing up, drop me a PM.

I’d be interested if you’re still looking for people.

o/ im on MatterMost +few ircs. but interested.


You’re 30+ Check
Drink whiskey Double Check
Complain alot - I’m a sys admin.
Remember sub7 fondly - get on your horse !
Play CS:GO - dont play games, too busy finding exploits
Have a few years experience in Computing behind you. - I started with 8 bit machines.

Hows that ?

I’d love to be in a team, I’m a team player [honestly], here’s my ‘CV’:

I’m 40+ [is that a bad thing?]
I don’t drink whiskey but my liver is pickled in rum.
Yep, complaining is good.
I know what a subnet is! :-/
I don’t play games, but my kids do! [does that count?]
Spectrums, Commodores and some grown up computers (including Cisco, Juniper, Windaz, Linux, blah).

hey all from the uk

(Alive for only 2 years due to amnesia, the first thing I learned how to do was hack into my old life before the trauma caused my old self to loose 34 years worth of memories)

whisky erm… Tea lots of Tea… Gin on the weekends haha.

I complain about complaints, my first complaint was when i found out money was needed to buy things I was like ■■■ really, but there just bits of asteroids formed into a coin…

also have Aspergers haha oh and I’m chimeric (Every team needs a well balanced freak of nature).

i play games PC/PS4 mostly my favorite game is watchdogs 1/2.

Sub7 is some ancient history man haha but its not BO2K

Computers is all I know, I’m not good at socializing in IRL have troubles alot actually, I know this is more info than you asked for, but I’d rather be honest i’m working on getting better at life and groups, I came here to learn and help, while I train for OSCP, as there’s not alot else I’m good at tbh, rather be honest with everyone, I learn rapidly, I have been on earth for only 2 and a bit years and watch documentaries and read to catch up as much as possible i learned about sub7 when i was reading the history of Trojans and back doors, I promise i wont bug people with my questions, i have google/youtube for that.


much love to everyone happy pentesting/learning Bex xxx

Hi Guys,

Yip, I would be interested.

Inline with what I’ve seen so far, here’s my bio:

from Scotland , of course i drink whisky
yes, I’m all about complaining
not much of a gamer now, but back in the day, I was awesome at Wizball on the C64
wow … sub7 & back orif. that brings me back to the good old days
IT Manager for a pharmaceutical company … so I too, know about subnets - allegedly !

PM me if interested.

im from indonesian…

25 years at the moment.
work as IT Support
I know about subnest.
and I played games a lot :smiley: , but PUBG and Dota 2


You’re 30+ - no
Drink whiskey - no
Complain alot - yes
Remember sub7 fondly - what?
Play CS:GO - dont game
Have a few years experience in Computing behind you. - im a pentester

can i join?

i’m all of those…except I don’t game either. I’m also a n00b…lemme join!

@YanTayga said:
Gosh, what is a thing -“sub7” ?

It’s what us cool kids used to send as “screensavers” on aol messenger, host on P2P sites and the like… for fun though, nothing more fun than opening someones CD drawer.

can I join ya club or wot m8? :cold_sweat:

You’re 30+ - no
Drink whiskey - yes
Complain alot - always
Remember sub7 fondly - who?
Play CS:GO - what about BF?!
Have a few years experience in Computing behind you. - Computing/Networking/Security Noob… yeah something like that.

Can i join the club? :smiley:

You’re 30+ - check
Drink whiskey - check
Complain alot - check.

Remember sub7 fondly - check BO was fun too

Play CS:GO - check

Have a few years experience in Computing behind you. - almost my whole existence

Got Oscp CRT and a pentester myself.

Sign me up.

@Bear I maybe a bit late to the party but nobody wants to be too early.

You’re 30+ - yes
Drink whiskey - of course
Complain a lot - oh yes
Remember sub7 fondly - fondly is a bit much
Play CS:GO - yes
Have a few years experience in Computing behind you. - yes

And I’m in the UK

I meet all criteria aside from csgo and sub7. Is this party still going?