Trouble Resolving *.htb names

Whenever I attempt any machines on HTB, I use the provided VPN. I am able to reach the machine and run a succesful and accurate port scan on the system. I can make a connection to the machines’ HTTP-related ports. The web server running on the machine usually replies with a 301 redirect to whatever *.htb domain the machine was given. When my VM attempts to make the request to that domain, I am returned with my router’s web portal, and the router is my VM’s DNS server. Correct me if I am wrong, but this indicates a failure to properly resolve the *.htb domain. So my questions are:

  1. Is there a specific HTB name server I am supposed to be using during the labs?
  2. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have a solution to the problem?

Nice job troubleshooting so far. Currently, a DNS server is not setup as part of the labs. You will need to add entries to your machines hosts file as applicable to add the relevant host names.

First of all, operating systems have some domain and ip definitions. You don’t need dns service to resolve every domain. (for example localhost: you can continue by finding where this host and ip record is written. /etc/h****

It seems like you’re experiencing DNS resolution issues when accessing *.htb domains on Hack The Box (HTB) machines. HTB typically provides its own DNS server for resolving these domains during labs. Ensure your VM is configured to use the correct HTB DNS server. If issues persist, contacting HTB support or seeking assistance from the community might help resolve the problem. for more info visit

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