random question - whats the swag situation around here? like if you guys wanted some extra lab funding, i’d totally buy a marked up hoodie or something, bonus points for like current rank or something too, youd have to keep getting new ones :smiley:

Bonus points for buying stuff ?? Thats crazy !
But some goodies can be fun (tshirt, cup)

I think fhlipZero referred to swag that states your current rank in the community, not getting bonus points for buying stuff. In that way, each time you increase your rank level, you’ll have to buy a new t-shirt (i.e.) in order to show-off you new rank and HTB can “secure” the swag income stream… :wink:

^^this is what i meant lol, he gets it

We have been looking into options for this. I would also love to see a swag shop :wink:

swag shop would be awesome :+1:

we all want to do it, but there are major obstacles
maybe one day…

What obstacles?

I would love to buy some swag