Studying for OSCP?

Hi there,

anyone interested in getting the OSCP in the next few months?
I am an (intermediate) beginner and looking for others that are in the same situation and would like to share knowledge/materials. The idea would be to start a Discord server maybe…

There already is a Discord server for this.

pm me and I’ll try to add you later.

Doing it right now. Labs until the end of September.

Oh sweet.
Yea. I’m starting this upcoming weekend. Discord, me, yes, let’s.
Thanks in advance.


Which server can you post the link please or send it to me . Thanks

I did mine back in May. Happy to offer help/advice

im on the same boat, give me a heads up if the discord server is a reality

Same here, started today , drop me a message if the gang exists

Hey guys, sure. Sorry, I was on holiday. I will have a look tomorrow evening and will PM you

i want an inv on discord as well please

Crew. Which discord is this. #Hugggggggg

i gave my first OSCP exam attempt got the passing marks,then due to time issues i submitted my documents in other format instead of PDF format.They rejected the document i got failed even after passing the exam.So please don’t repeat the same mistake anyone.They are very strict about their rules.

can i get an invitation to the discord server please?

I’m starting this upcoming weekend. Send discord link to me plz :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in the Discord link :slight_smile:

I’ll hop in on this if anyone is willing to share the link here as well.

Hi, I would be interested in the Discord link

Hi, I will begin PWK on the 1st of september. could you send me the discord link too ?