Stego - Please Don't Share - hint?

I am at the spot where I have a handful of facts about my data set but still can’t figure out the details of what I am looking at. Can a person who was solved this give me a boost?

Meant ‘crypto’ not ‘stego’ in the subject - which kinda shows how mentally exhausted I am about this. :slight_smile:

man im stuck at the same spot…been banging my head for days
mind to pm we what facts you find so we can work this out together

DMing you. @ValeR

I just need a kickstart into what I have to do. I already know about the two parts of the message. I just don’t know where to go from there.

Secret sharing.

Any nudge please, has been working on this for few days :frowning:

@zdravich said:
Secret sharing.

Got that hint. But I can’t move forward…tried many SSS implementations.


Learnt a few things today :slight_smile:

Happy to help is anyone needs a hint.