Service Scaning

List the SMB shares available on the target host. Connect to the available share as the bob user. Once connected, access the folder called ‘flag’ and submit the contents of the flag.txt file.

what is password of bob ? ???


what is password ?

did you try --no-pass?
No idea what module you’re trying since I don’t see one named “service scanning” though.

this is section in module Getting Started

it’s in the module

i can not imagine how i did not see it … Thank you so much

no problem. happens to everyone

Hello All! I am struggling to get the flag.txt file for the 3rd question under service scanning in the Getting Started module. I have got down the smbclient -U bob \\\users and ls i see flag is a directory I cd flag and I see the flag.txt! but then when I try get flag.txt I see error opening local file flag.txt. Anyone know what I am missing and will I end up downloading it to the parrot desktop because there isn’t cat command under smbclient?

OK found out that it is cd flag and then more flag.txt for the answer.

Quite helpful thread, thanks guys.

I have tried the same password “Welcome1” but it still shows "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE "

Any idea why the password is not working ?