Service Login - Skills Assesment

Hello I am writing to receive further information about service login solve. First, I cannot generate correct wordlist based on user information gathering from Website. I used Cupp tool for password generator and policy filter using sed command. Besides, for username I used username-anarchy tool. However, problem is that I don’t know if I set correct information in Cupp interactive prompt, only basic but Partners of Ha**** ?? Probably R**? I have just tested this with failure. Regards!.

What flags are you using? I just finished that module yesterday and probably had the same problem as you are having right now

flags in hydra you mean?
hydra -L h***user.txt -P h***.txt -u -f ssh://IP:31644 -t 4 -I

Username generator:
./username-anarchy H*** P* > h**_user.txt

Password generator:
cupp -i

Oh yeah, should have clarified that.

That is pretty weird, normally it should almost instantly give you the right Name and Password. Can you PN me what you gave to cupp?

Having the same issue. I did some ‘OSINT’ to try to populate the list of possible passwords with no success. any suggestions would be appreciated.

It helped for me to shorten the list, I don’t know why but when I gave too much information it stopped working for me. When I use less information it worked