[RESOLVED] ERROR: Machine Not Assigned To This Lab

I have got this weird error “Machine not assigned to this lab” when I wanted to stop an active machine. I can’t start any machine when I try there is another error: “You already have an active machine”

I had this issue since yesterday when my cancelled VIP subscription was re-activated. The machine state shows “Running” but I can’t ping, open the webpage in the port:80.

I had contacted support at 5.30PM yesterday, so far no update to my ticket, I had escalated once.

I’ve tried everything from resetting the browser, change the access pack, accessing HTB portal from a new computer, nothing helps.

I believe this is a bug in the HTB system, whatever it is really frustrating.

I have the same issue. How was it resolved?

Same error right now… not but frustrating… you got my nose bleeding HTB! Fix this!

I was having this. You can get around it by switching ‘labs’ and coming back.

where the ■■■■ is the resolution???

Same here.
Try and submit root flag and it says incorrect. reset machine and root again same flag.
can’t leave the active instance, it says “error you’re not playing a machine”
Try to join another lab and it says incorrect lab type.

I have the same problem. Anyone knows how to solve it?

If your VIP subscription was cancelled and then re-activated, it’s possible that there was a glitch in the system that caused your machine to be in a running state, but not fully operational. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Check your firewall settings: It’s possible that your firewall is blocking incoming traffic on port 80, which would prevent you from accessing the webpage. Check your firewall settings to ensure that traffic on port 80 is allowed.

Check your network settings: Ensure that your machine has a valid IP address and that it’s connected to the network. You can check your IP address by running the command “ipconfig” on Windows or “ifconfig” on Linux.

Restart your machine: Sometimes simply restarting your machine can resolve issues with connectivity.

Rachel Gomez