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There is a lot of ■■■■■■ ports on this box. Gobuster is getting anything either. A lot of dead ends. Keep enumerating

Got the creds, but they don’t work; rabbit hole? :frowning:



hahaha same here!

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Any hint about the connection?

I’ve enumerated, but am unsure where to start… any hints?

I THINK I’m on the right path - should I continue to try and bruteforce M#-#Q#? Or am I wasting my time until I get creds? I enumerated all ports…some of them seem like rabbit holes and this one seems quite promising due to it’s “features”…

edit: correction

@prodlsd huh?! what do you mean? XD

I’m thinking I need to start with the HT***PI to get creds but I can’t get anything out of it so far, same with everything else

@VirtuL I got the creds but they don’t work how I thought they would. I still think there’s an avenue where I mentioned…:wink:

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i’m stuck i can’t find nothing, is m***l the right path?, i’ve enumerate it and didn’t find anything, any hints please.

User was fun, root proving to be a little trickier - cool box so far :slight_smile:

edit: rooted - great box for learning windows priv esc - pay attention to the name of the box for final stage

can any one dm me on the M***l connection

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Got the creds, still trying to figure out how to use them