can anyone help me?

Lol, help you to what? The box release was 2h ago xD

And it was flagged “insane” - seems like the expectation should be that this is a very, very hard box.

Those ports…

I’m inside … I hope it’s not a rabbit hole … I have a special ability to find them …

@n0m0c0navaja same than you many strange file on it… 2h im thinking: is a rabbit? but i dont found anything yet more so… idk xD

Okey now i found some cert… rabbit hole? too many rabbit on this box xD

too many hints!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really a hint, we dont said where and how we be inside, and for the cert, wich one? Where? How? XD and there is many rabbit hole, maybe its a hint for jump into a hole? Idk didnt find anything really sure to give a hint ^^ anyway if its real HARD hint those comment will be removed

Ps : sorry if i spoiled or give a hint its not what i wanna do xD

Ps2: this box give me a cancer and i have rabbit ears in my head now! XD i dont think i will sleep now my brain didnt stop thinking T_T

I find it amazing- while others still scanning and try to get a picture, others already “in” - whatever that means. HTB is a great place to learn from each other - great community !

Btw. i’m still scanning and no hint for anything useful :wink:

Lot to look into. Anyone found interesting path ?

Got some users but not password so I try the obvious brute-forcing… or anyone found some credentials ?

Congratulations for @stefano118 !!! first blood 17 hours, 59 mins, 56 seconds.

Found some users… An interesting page… a lot of open ports…

No credentials.

It’s currently very slow to enumerate

Close to get a shell… x)

Getting there…

Found user + creds and other authentication things… looking for a good place to use them :slight_smile:

Edit: Got User! Now to find Privesc

Is it necessary to brute-force or can you find valid password(s) for a user ?

Bruteforce isnt the way