Problem with ip of the spawned target

Hi here,

Is it normal that ip of the target is type of : ?

When I try to scan the ip with nmap, it returns “Failed to revolve”

That is a normal way of typing an IP:PORT into a web browser. But I don’t think nmap will translate that right. Try:
nmap -p 30837

Hi @onthesauce,

I try with -p but it returns “Host seems down”, but why the ip of target isn’t type of 10.10.10.X ?

What section/question are you on?

I’m in the section " Public Exploits" of the module “Getting Started”

Ahhh I see. Read that error message carefully!

Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -Pn

Start with that and run with it. If you want to know more about the options give the man pages a glance. Feel free to DM me.

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Ohhh okay, I just understood my problem, thanks you @onthesauce for your help !

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