Password Attacks Lab - Hard

There is a module that covers how to crack encrypted files in this module. john2whatever. This includes kdbx encryption.

I’ve got a strange issue with the file I transferred over from johanna’s docs. Hint, base64 is your friend. Anyway, once I transfer the file over and confirm that it’s the same using md5sum, I then get this error in john stating Unknown format : File signature invalid. This is of course after using echo and | base64 --decode of the initial copied base64 file. Any idea why I would get this error using keepass2john and has anyone else seen that before?

I’m still trying to get johanna password. Used mutated password and cme but still haven’t gotten the password. Nevermind, I got it.

DM me and I’ll help you out with it. It’s a tough one, that’s for sure.

i did an internet search for the .kdbx extention. It is a keepass file, extract the hash using keepass2john and crack the hash. then you can log into the database.

I am having trouble getting the copy of Backup.vhd from the smb server. The get command only retrieves a partial copy before timing out.

Hello everybody, I have a problem by get unlimited smtp any of getting it i will be very thankful.

Same for me.

echo failed (NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED). The connection is disconnected now

Any tricks to get the full B***.vh* file downloaded?

Edit: Here is what I did - I connected to the HTB VPN from my Windows host PC and downloaded the file from the share. I then moved it into my attack VM.

i lost the bitlocker 48 digit recovery password and i have physical hdd does it will help ?? if yes then can you please help me

I got through this by increasing the timeout. You can use the “-t” flag with smbclient and give it more number of seconds(atleast more than 50)