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I used kinit to for the keytab file for linux01 and it worked but I’m accessing the wrong directory or idk
because the flag is incorrect

:slightly_smiling_face: yaaaa finally done
Note…read everything

Hey, where you able to solve this?
Stuck here too!

need help here the 1 ticket has no credentials and other ticket has expired need help here

Close the pwnbox or VM. After some time open the log in the same process and try a valid ticket will pop up.
The same thing happen with me and above solve the problem, after it’s easy!

thanks, I spend all day and solve with your advice in 2 minutes

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hi, everyone, I am stuck with Protected files.
John give me No password hashes loaded (see FAQ) or Unknown ciphertext format name requested
when I try to run
john --wordlist=/Users/evrohachik/Desktop/rockyou.txt ssh.hash
any help?
UPDATE John or install another version to FIX

hi guys, I am stuck here with Protected archives
John answer me with
Enabling duplicate candidate password suppressor
0g 0:00:00:00 DONE (2023-09-15 16:51) 0g/s 2081Kp/s 2081Kc/s 2081KC/s loveyou192!oi…ovey
Session completed.
I used mutated list as well
nothing works
I tried 2 different version of John
and hatchet - m 17200-17300
could someone help me?

This part requires a mutated list. John’s command should be a standard one. If john doesn’t work for you try hashcat with -m 17225, however in that case you must modify source hash (which you received from zip2john) for hashcat, spoiler:


In case if hashcat didn’t work for you I might assume that there is something wrong with your mutated list.

Hope it will help anyway.

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hi, thanks for your answer. I will try again and will let you know

UPDATE solved, thanks again, I used wrong mutated list facepalm

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