[Oopsie] Curl/Reverse Shell

Alright, i’m stuck in the reverse shell. I can upload it but i can’t connect to it when i use curl command. After a few minutes (less than 5) i get this error:

That’s after using dirsearch.

If i don’t use dirsearch and go directly to the curl command, this is the error i get:

Anyone experiencing the same thing or someone who did go through it?

@btTex ,I may know about the error in this picture ‘https://imgur.com/AJoUT4U.png’, it can be caused due to 2 main reasons,
1.You didn’t change your “host” to your current host in php-reverse-shell.php
2.The session got expired, you can rectify this by uploading the php-reverse-shell.php again.

What do you exactly mean by changing to your current host when uploading the php-reverse-shell.php? I changed the IP and port in Burpsuite when uploading the file but getting the same errors when trying to curl after dirsearch.

Have you changed the IP address to your own inside the php-reverse-shell.php file?