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Official discussion thread for Why Lambda. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Nice little challenge, finally got me down to play a bit with TF.

The only things that come to mind are XSS which is obvious but for some reason is not working for me… another idea is to abuse the fact that it is pseudorandom and the randomness the model exposes to somehow get back to the seed from the machine’s urandom file. Which may or may not work since the two randomnesses probably have a different seed. Honestly this is probably too hard for me, I’ll have to come back to it some other day.

Need some help in the ‘upload’ part … almost there … anyone that can help plz?

Almost done with this challange… but the exploit seems to became buggy somehow, did anyone completed this challange? I need some hints on the final stage

the python version matters… keep that in mind for the last step