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Anyone else dealing with a huge amount of 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable responses?

No it works for me

Hello ^^, i found something to loggin as an admin but i dont undersatnd what i can exploit with it, can someone give a tips or something pls ?

Yeah I get that a lot

How to get to xander user

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I believe it is due to either some bruteforce or dir fuzz. For me it works fine normally and as soon as a start dir fuzz it gives me 503.

Laravel is making ma life complicated lol :grin: any help…?

Is the sqlinjection a rabbit hole?

Any hint for root please?

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Recon. See what binary you can work with, and figure out what happens behind the scenes.

the stderror doesn’t presist on the terminal nor is it logged anywhere, any hints ?

juste rooted :slight_smile: Very interesting VM
foothold: everything has already been said I think
laterale privesc: look what’s hidden
root privesc: keep doing what you’re doing, but in the right place

Yes, I noticed such errors when phasing, but if you use an old-school tool, then such errors do not appear. :wink:

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im stuck on dash, any hints?

some foothold tips would be very appreciated. my hunch is cookie related between xss/ssrf. not sure where to dive


I too found a subdomain with a login page but not sure as to how to proceed, it doesn’t appear to be sql injectable nor default creds work, if you can provide me with a hint it would be greatful

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You are one step to far. This page will be important, but you have missed something beforehand.

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I must be thick. I can’t seem to exploit the subdomain found. Can’t override the file type and laravel + csrf doesn’t help with burpsuite repeater. If you have any hints, that’d be greatly appreciated to gain a foothold

The subdomain is not exploitable as far as im aware of.