Official Unobtainium Discussion

Official discussion thread for Unobtainium. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

seems everything works fine

My first hard box and I’m already stuck at foothold lol

Any nudges would be appreciated

got user. working towards root now. its fuckin hard. lol

Are we supposed to install a downloaded package?

Spoiler Removed

extraction is good enough

first hard box, got user after 24h brainf*** :smiley: let’s see how long I need for root
I’ve learned a lot so far, very funny :slight_smile:

for hint, pm me

do i need to escape d***ker to get root here???

for me. this box is not hard. it is insane as fuck!

I gotta say, weird but interesting box, if anyone wanna help me with nudges pm me here or dm me on discord SuPerCoW#8100

Finally got root, very nice box !
Pm me for hints

Got root. It truly was a learning experience. If you need any hints you can pm on Discord: Lich#8715

Hello can anyone help me. I found another IP address after getting foothold, in K***** P** on d** namespace. How to enumerate it. Please help me. Sorry for my bad english.

Spoiler Removed


user for me is easy. but getting on root is such a pain in the ass.

Trying to bruteforce files other than to.txt – I have found the u*** endpoint and creds but not sure what to do from here

foothold was definitely hard, but now trying to understand the escape. Does anyone have the documentation they can refer me to?

Edit - figured it out.

Fun box and great experience… Thanks @felamos
Much thanks to @0xLich and @godylockz

Really fun box which taught me a lot, thanks @felamos.
Thanks also @sicario1337 for keeping me on track.

PM if you need a nudge.

I got root after a long journey.
Mega thanks to following friends:
@xtk and @mcdave2k1

They helped me to solve the very hard box.