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Official discussion thread for Scanned. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

hey pros, do i have to decompyle or am I already in the rabit hole limbo?

Why is nobody discussing about this box :cry:

Made some mild progress. Has anyone gotten a foothold here? need some help.

I feel super stuck on the foothold. Would also appreciate some help.

For the foothold, I would advise to recreate the env locally. If you read the source, you can see that something is kept open during the execution of the child process.
It becomes apparent if you run the sandbox locally and freeze the process. When you found it, think about what you can do as user in this jail (not so much, but there are still some caps you have) and how you might exploit it on the real box (advice : DON’T be lazy, there are no better way).

any hint for root?
update: rooted

This box is really hard. Thank you to those who helped me. For anyone working on it, what rtab said above is very good advice for the foothold. Play around with the application locally and see what you can do as the chroot user. You might be able to create some cookie crumbs, and pick them up yourself. For root, don’t look far, but look deep into what you already have, and what you already know how to do.

Help, Really frustrated, tried different compiler tried different codes. No matter how long or short the code the scanner gives the same output every time with 35 ignore syscalls. Anyone knows anything about this issue or what situation is this. is it fault of my end or what is this please help.