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Official discussion thread for SAW. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Hi folks, kicking a start on this thread, if you have any questions please add them here.

Anyone figure out past the intent part? the app keeps on quiting.

the answer is in the name of the challenge check where the SAW permission refers to

I added that permission (“draw over apps”). I can launch the app. It shows “Click me” but after that everything disappears.

take a look on the java code then, there is a particular intent that you have to “send” in order for the application to take the right brunch

I did that and bypassed that intent filter. I am in the app but after “click me” button gets clicked, everything disappears

Hello! I’m currently stuck at the XORIFY step.
I have managed to spawn the alert window asking “Xor me!” but I don’t know what to enter.
I have opened the libs using IDA but I’ve only found a “Nothing here :)” string.
Any nudges?
Thank you in advance!

make sure you check for the native library where the actual XOR string will be sent

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Can you elaborate a little on this?

I’m looking into native code with ghidra but the code looks impossible to read, is there any better free tool to do it?

Use ghidra and tamper the code of comparison. After that you will find decision.

I am stuck at the stage where you were. will you please elaborate