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Should we solve this mathematically?

Is port 22 used to move forward at one point? I dont know, if this question is a spoiler :smiley: but please correct me if it is

Could someone please give me a hint? I now have a more comprehensive understanding of the Diffie-Hellman algorithm than I ever wanted to, including knowledge of what a safe prime is and how it relates to the security of the encrypted text. However, I am still unable to progress any further.


you don’t need ssh just nc $IP $PORT

you can DM

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i did am waiting for your response

I thought i found how to solve it but my code isnt working. I keep generating a key that decrypts into garbage values. Is anyone willing to give me some pointers?

hi everyone, As private keys a and b are totally independent from any other parameter - at least I don’t see any relations. I have p,q,r and even h but I don’t see how to relate these to a or b. Any hint welcome…Thanks!