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mssqlclient returns SSL routines No protocols available.
Anyone else got this prob?

Someone on Discord said the same thing (you?) I would try rebooting.

Could anyone give a little hint? I’m stuck with a list of usernames

you’ve got a user list? then you’ve got everything you need :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use sqsh instead

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User was fun, getting root is the same typical annoying stuff

it’s just AD? or i’m missing some informations?

What is AD?

What u mean ?

Active Directory

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hello, Stuck getting mssql password DM please!

Same here. If someone can DM id appreciate.

so I have a hash and user , but cant seem to crack it anyone give me a nudge if the hash is even useful?

Just with one of the users you have access

Can someone DM me I’m having trouble transferring the .zip file i found

is the machine working for EU servers?
i got Destination Unreachable

Just wait for sometime people are restarting it quite a few times

the place I found it helped me understand how I could download it

got user that was fun, very tricky rabbit hole if i didnt come across i clould have got user sooner was fairly simple!