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Official discussion thread for Interface. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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interesting at a first glance… this should be fun to crack down on!

and of course, by interesting, I mean… what??? this is the most clueless I’ve felt ever in an enum / recon phase…


same here, can’t find anything

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I have found some suspicious parameters, but that is all, it feels like invading something that doesn’t exist :laughing:

Same here. I found a few interesting endpoints, but would love to get confirmation that everything is actually operating as intended. >_>

Top 10 hardest easy machines, could someone find a way of exploiting the hidden parameters?

Yeah I am wondering the same, found some highly sus stuff but can’t figure out what to do with it. Is there any fields that can be used to input data?

I found only one until now, but it seems so secure I couldn’t do anything with it

A nudge from anyone? Feel free to PM. Have done quite a bit of enum and have found /v*****/d****f

We had found it too, I’m enumerating again after some type of script :flushed:

I also found /v*****/c******* :stuck_out_tongue: but it still a ■■■■■■■ puzzle that I’m trying to piece thing together

I think everyone is pretty much lost, maybe we should try to solve it along


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■■■, the hardest easy machine I ever seen!!


I definitely need a nudge on this one - I’ve thrown a bunch at this and have made 0 progress. PM would be appreciated <3

I enumerate all the directories, and didnt find anything, lol

Genuinely really confused here. Used just about every combination of wordlist and fuzzing/busting tool I can think of…

Any nudges?

Edit: Heres a nudge for anybody stuck, make sure you inspect the response.

8 hours have passed
35 user owns and 19 system owns
It is an easy machine
And I fear it


Has anyone finished this box? Please give me some hints, I cannot find anything other than a hidden parameter

Hello, can you give a hint how to find that directory? I’ve tried many dicts but all failed