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Official discussion thread for Hospital. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


Good Luck Everyone !!

i am trying to upload a webshell but nothing

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There is a way, I got foothold but the shell is very limited

Uhhh… I got root and two users, but can’t find the flags? :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Anyone else?

edit: jeez this is a box for Leonardo Dicaprio :smiley:


how did you get user
i have this error
WARNING: Failed to daemonise. This is quite common and not fatal.
ERROR: Can’t spawn shell

got foothold on the webserver seems to be a network

got user flag trying privsec

Any hints for Admin on the windows machine


GG, Hospital. GG.

Had a lot of fun in this one. What a ride. Was almost calling it a day on the root flag, but stuck around and found the way.

In respect to fair play, i’ll wait the 24h to give nudges…

See you guys soon!


Enjoyed this one :pirate_flag:

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just got root thanks to all of you

If you’re struggling with Admin, reset the machine to make sure somebody before you did not remove what you need… If they vote against you, go to another VPN. I have struggled for hours… Could have finished this yesterday evening already, infuriating

This box is wild. I’ve got multiple possible exploit paths, a couple usernames. But I just cannot get anything to work!! Going to bed for tonight. Hopefully some sleep will help.

the login thing is terrbile, i had to reboot the box 4 times

That sounds unnecessary. I never had to reboot to get user shell. Sometimes took 2 tries but most times worked first try. I had to do it several times because people kept rebooting…

I have a user credential, can login as them, but I seem stuck. I have another user name. I suspect what I have to do, but I can’t seem to make the other user trigger my payload.
From the messages here, I wonder if I am missing something that is being deleted. (And if that’s the case, it does really suck.)

Anyone willing to give a nudge or at least some sanity check?

HAH! I was missing important information!!! But not because of other users. I was using the browser embedded into that popular web analysis tool Burp. For some odd reason, it didn’t show what I needed. I tested with a different browser and found the missing information. That and some google got what I needed!

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