Official Format Discussion

Official discussion thread for Format. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

four hours to going crazy

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can’t wait :cold_face: :cold_face:

here we gooo :smiley:

start the machie few min ago … frist fast recon round and already tons of stuff to look

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yes but many ton of stuff to look and no user after 2h :smiley:

and right at the /edit… something seems off… finding a way to do some uploads


yeah alredy find … i talked to fast ! ahahahhaha

Yes I am on this track also for more than an hour but no idea how exploited

Some requests returning my own machine, maybe is just a distraction?

I have some embedded data thats password protected, can someone please just tell me if im on the right track? :smiley:

Medium machine is taking pretty much to beat, aint it :laughing:


I’m stuck. I’m currently trying to overwrite some value but can’t figure out the right protocol/method to do so :c

guys my hairline is went way back to the 90s. that’s no medium machine. who do you think i am , MR robot? XD
seriously guys, drop us some hints on how to get a initial foothold


i suppose you figured it out

Desperate for a hint, been stuck for hours XD

im in no place to help as i am stuck myself but i will give something as a proof that we all can help with something. perhaps you should check out the source code

may I DM?

i need some help, can get pro but isn’t stable… so still can do anything

and… i give up. waiting for ippsec to tell me what to do XD


Yeah but then what? I’m stuck at the next step after that